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Company Profile

Chengdu Dasheng Optical Industry, Co., Ltd. (Dasheng Optical) is the trusted source of optical glass blankssince 1998.  We currently have over 180 employeeswith production capacity of over ten million pieces/month.  We produce optical glass lens blanks ranging from 6.0mm to 600mm in diameter and optical prism blanks up to 600mm in linear dimension.  
Our focus on product quality and customer satisfaction has earned us long-term partnership with many high profile clients in the optical glass industry around the globe.  We started exporting glass blanks since 2004 and have been an ISO9001 certified manufacturer since 2006. 
In 2007, Dasheng Optical was named the top 100 innovative companies in Sichuan province.  Since 2012, we have invested over 11 million RMB (1.8 million dollars) on a major equipment update in order to expand product range, boost capacity, and increase efficiency. 
We look forward to work with you and feel confident that we could become a trusted partner of yours!
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